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We've tempered and tasted many combinations of fruits, nuts, veg and flowers to give you the most delicious and best vegan chocolates.


We handpick the best quality ingredients for our vegan chocolates from organic, fairtrade and vegan certified suppliers. Why? Because we care.

Environment friendly

Our 'plastic' packaging, if you can call it that, is not only recyclable but biodegradable and compostable! So you can just focus on eating our delicious vegan chocolates.

Reviews of the best vegan chocolates from around the world

Cheeky Nilla Reviews around the world

Benjamin France
I ordered the haunted Halloween chocolate house and it was stunning. From the painted roof and doors to the expert styling it was a beautiful thing to look at let alone eat! It was delicious in a way that words won’t adequately do justice.

I have been particularly enjoying the lemon, passionfruit and rose white chocolate bar- a lovely fresh twist on your regular chocolate.

Charlotte C
I’d bought three different bars and opened the Banana, Peanuts and Salted Caramel variety first, intending to have a small bite, but a minute later my boyfriend and I had devoured the entire thing.

Magdalena Szymczak
Every flavour is a whole different story. People who care are bored of usual commercial chocolate will be able to appreciate this chocolate. To chocolate conesseurs I reccommend broccoli chocolate.

David Blake Kamailo
I had the Lemon, Honeycomb and Cornflower bar it twas so good, I’m not sure why I’d never seen that combination of flavours before… It’s so delicious! The chocolate is so rich and the texture is just as you’d expect from chocolate.

Simply amazing, but there is nothing simple about these chocolates! they are all packed full of flavor and presented in such a beautiful way! LOVE IT! 10/5 stars 🙂

Cheeky Nilla chocolates in the shops

Earth Natural Foods
200-202 Kentish Town Road
London NW5 2AE
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Earth Natural Foods stocks Cheeky Nilla Vegan Chocolates

Be The Future
Abney Hall, 73a Church Street
London N16 0AS
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15th March / 4th-5th April / 16th-17TH May

Pipoca Vegan – COMING SOON!
224 Brixton Rd, Vassal
London SW9 6AH
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Scout Hall
Bouverie Road
London N16 0AH
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Cheeky Nilla Vegan Chocolates at the Scout Hall

On occasions we attend markets or setup shop to deliver the most delicious vegan chocolates locally. Follow us on social media to see where we’ll be next.

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