About us

Our aim is to bring to the world affordable, beautiful, and delicious artisan vegan-friendly chocolates, made using fairtrade, organic and UTZ certified sustainably farmed cocoa.

The cocoa used in our alt-milk and white chocolate is sourced ethically from the Dominican Republic through the cooperative farm scheme. Our dark chocolate is not only UTZ certified but is also Cocoa Trace marked, audited independently each year, an additional bonus is paid back directly to farmers for every kilo of cocoa bought with the Cocoa Trace trademark.

We do our best to source quality ingredients from certified vegan, organic, and fairtrade certified suppliers and farmers, so you can enjoy our chocolate guilt-free. Furthermore, our chocolate bar packaging is plant-based, 100% biodegradable, and compostable.

Founded by Michael and Wiktoria, a true marketing wizz kid and an experienced chocolatier. The name Cheeky Nilla actually comes from our beloved family member, Vanilla the rabbit. Vanilla being more dog than a rabbit; adventurous, loyal, cuddly, and lovable. No better name for a vegan chocolate business, Cheeky Nilla.

Meet Vanilla

Vanilla, a member of the family and more dog than a rabbit. Adopted at a very young age after being bullied for being the runt of the litter, he was adventurous, loyal, cuddly, and loveable. He would often follow us throughout the house, hops onto the sofa when we’re watching tv, and nuzzle up to us. Cheeky Nilla. for beautiful mesmerising crafted artisan vegan chocolates is a tribute to Vanilla, now hopping joyfully in rabbit heaven with friends.

Melanie | Etsy review

“Such beautiful presentation, this is a really unique and special present”

Scout Estrazulas-Gullick | Google review

“Amazingly delicious! We loved the bits of cinder toffee sponge, and the large pieces of lemon”

Emily | Google review

“The most incredible chocolate, dairy-free or not! But the addition of the flavours are so creative and all delicious!”

Judy Bregazzi | Facebook review

“Bought myself a selection for my lockdown Birthday. Absolutely loved them all. Absolutely beautiful to look at and taste divine.”

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