A cheeky rabbit named Vanilla...

Meet Vanilla a member of the family and the face of the best vegan chocolates. Adopted at a very young age due to being the runt of the litter, he was adventurous, loyal, cuddly and lovable. Ever heard of a rabbit that follows your every footstep? Jumps on the sofa and lays next to your belly whilst watching TV? Approaches new people with curiosity and excitement? He wasn't your usual rabbit...but he was our rabbit.

The best vegan chocolates

Cheeky Nilla, the most delicious vegan chocolates is founded by Michael and Wiktoria. Having learnt from a master Swiss chocolatier, Wiktoria started to create milk alternative chocolates to quench Michael's sweet tooth. With our unique vegan friendly chocolate recipes, we began making the most delicious vegan chocolates using ingredients sourced from fairtrade, organic and vegan certified suppliers for family and friends and so began our journey.

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