Sustainable and fair chocolates

By choosing Cheeky Nilla chocolates, you’re supporting initiatives in sustainable farming and paying cocoa farmers a living wage to support their families; food, shelter, healthcare, clothing, schooling.

The cocoa from our white and milk-alternative chocolates are from cooperative farms in the Dominican Republic. A farm cooperative involves a network of member farmers who reap many benefits of doing business as a unit. Individual farms work together to buy necessary supplies and services, as well as distribute, market, and sell their products.

All our cocoa is Fairtrade and UTZ certified. UTZ is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to develop sustainable agricultural supply chains so that farmers can work professionally and according to good practices. UTZ works to foster greater responsibility in the cocoa industry by demanding and rewarding sustainably grown products. ‘A better price for a better product,’ is their motto.

The cocoa in our chocolates are...

Cheeky Nilla Cocoa Trace

One of the first to adopt plant-based packaging

We’ve been using clear plant-based packaging for our chocolates since our launch in 2019. 100% biodegradable and recyclable, based strongly on renewable resources. Most renewable bioplastics come from materials such as corn, potatoes, or wheat. However, our clear packaging is based on cellulose, derived from renewable wood pulp that is sustainably harvested from FSC managed forests. It is one of the most naturally abundant organic materials. Proven to be suitable for home composting, our clear plant-based packaging is also marine degradable.

Cocoa Shell - Waste not, want not

Chocolate wrapped in chocolate? Apart from our Precious Stones chocolate pralines which are held in our signature wooden box. Our chocolate pralines are housed in cocoa shell-based praline boxes. Cocoa shell paper is made from real cocoa shell fragments which gives a really tactile finish and an added talking point to your boxes. 100% reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. A sustainable solution that minimises waste starting from the cocoa plant.